Nancy Guberti, MS, Functional Medicine Specialist, Nutritionist

Biomedical & Nutritional Interventions Program for Autism Related Disorders

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The Biomedical and Nutritional Program is a 6-week online training that shows you the science and clinical strategies of functional medicine testing, diet, nutrition, and nutraceutical intervention for  Autism Related Disorders.

This training course will empower you with the knowledge to understand biomedical, and nutritional interventions. First with a comprehensive biomedical overview, then moving on to the most popular and effective functional medicine lab testing, importance of food, nutritional deficiencies, and specialized diets, phases to introduce nutraceuticals, natural detoxification of body, home and school environments, and the blueprint to putting all the pieces together and implementing a biomedical and nutritional approach.  The course rolls out weekly, but you have access to it afterwards so that you can proceed at your own pace. You learn strategies to empower families on the biomedical and nutritional interventions outlined in these modules:

Module #1: Biochemistry overview
Module #2: Functional Medicine Lab testing
Module #3: Importance of Diet and Nutritional Intervention
Module #4: Phases of a Customized Nutraceutical Regime
Module #5: Understanding Detoxification of Body & Environment
Module #6: Putting it all together with a therapeutic strategy aka Blueprint

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We guarantee you will love The Biomedical and Nutritional Program by Nancy Guberti. Nancy has a private practice specializing in helping families with child with autism spectrum related disorders and wants to empower you with the knowledge. Enroll today and if after the first video module and bonus call, if you are not completely satisfied then email us within 24 hours after the call and you will receive a refund minus the registration fee of $250.

    Yes! Give me priority registration details
    for Biomedical & Nutritional Program!